Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.0 or greater within 500 mi
Update time = Friday, April-19-2019 11:47am CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
2 mi E of Tuttle, Oklahoma 1.8 000343213 mi 1555644405Thursday, April-18-2019 10:26pm CDT map
4 mi ESE of El Dorado, Arkansas 2.1 000383238 mi 1555635087Thursday, April-18-2019 7:51pm CDT map
9 mi NE of Enid, Oklahoma 2.9 000317197 mi 1555428316Tuesday, April-16-2019 10:25am CDT map
4 mi SSE of Harper, Kansas 2.5 000352219 mi 1555424031Tuesday, April-16-2019 9:13am CDT map
1 mi SSW of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.8 000426264 mi 1555392238Tuesday, April-16-2019 12:23am CDT map
4 mi SSE of Ridgely, Tennessee 2.5 000425264 mi 1555391362Tuesday, April-16-2019 12:09am CDT map
6 mi NW of Tiptonville, Tennessee 1.5 000416258 mi 1555362594Monday, April-15-2019 4:09pm CDT map
7 mi ENE of Portageville, Missouri 1.4 000415258 mi 1555336484Monday, April-15-2019 8:54am CDT map
1 mi SW of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.4 000176109 mi 1555324462Monday, April-15-2019 5:34am CDT map
3 mi NNW of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.3 000420261 mi 1555316642Monday, April-15-2019 3:24am CDT map
9 mi SSE of Wilson, Oklahoma 2.6 000387240 mi 1555299616Sunday, April-14-2019 10:40pm CDT map
1 mi S of Quinton, Oklahoma 2.5 000176109 mi 1555267220Sunday, April-14-2019 1:40pm CDT map
1 mi ESE of Minco, Oklahoma 2.5 000355220 mi 1555163629Saturday, April-13-2019 8:53am CDT map
10 mi N of Caldwell, Kansas 2.5 000318198 mi 1555160259Saturday, April-13-2019 7:57am CDT map
9 mi N of Caldwell, Kansas 2.7 000316196 mi 1555160141Saturday, April-13-2019 7:55am CDT map
6 mi SSW of New Madrid, Missouri 1.9 000417259 mi 1555126121Friday, April-12-2019 10:28pm CDT map
7 mi NW of Newbern, Tennessee 1.5 000434270 mi 1555087650Friday, April-12-2019 11:47am CDT map
11 mi E of Watonga, Oklahoma 2.2 000364226 mi 1555074752Friday, April-12-2019 8:12am CDT map

18 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.