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Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.0 or greater within 500 mi
Update time = Tuesday, April-16-2024 12:42pm CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
2 km SW of Mill Creek, Oklahoma 1.4 000325202 mi 1713210141Monday, April-15-2024 2:42pm CDT map
6 km SSW of Owasso, Oklahoma 1.1 00015194 mi 1713196816Monday, April-15-2024 11:00am CDT map
13 km NNW of Dyersburg, Tennessee 1.6 000428266 mi 1713149853Sunday, April-14-2024 9:57pm CDT map
4 km ENE of North Lilbourn, Missouri 1.3 000415258 mi 1713133726Sunday, April-14-2024 5:28pm CDT map
15 km N of Snyder, Texas 2.9 000727452 mi 1713128358Sunday, April-14-2024 3:59pm CDT map
17 km NE of Hermleigh, Texas 1.7 000713443 mi 1713067295Saturday, April-13-2024 11:01pm CDT map
3 km NW of Edgefield, Louisiana 2.6 000483300 mi 1713041448Saturday, April-13-2024 3:50pm CDT map
9 km ESE of Williamsville, Missouri 2.2 000341212 mi 1713036704Saturday, April-13-2024 2:31pm CDT map
7 km N of Mill Creek, Oklahoma 1.5 000317197 mi 1712951277Friday, April-12-2024 2:47pm CDT map
9 km ENE of Drumright, Oklahoma 1.5 000211131 mi 1712950283Friday, April-12-2024 2:31pm CDT map
8 km SSW of Calumet, Oklahoma 1.4 000367228 mi 1712949558Friday, April-12-2024 2:19pm CDT map
2 km SW of Hulbert, Oklahoma 1.5 00009962 mi 1712948171Friday, April-12-2024 1:56pm CDT map
5 km SE of Owasso, Oklahoma 1.2 00014590 mi 1712940144Friday, April-12-2024 11:42am CDT map
8 km NW of Prague, Oklahoma 1.5 000247154 mi 1712938539Friday, April-12-2024 11:15am CDT map
17 km SSE of Waynoka, Oklahoma 1.1 000413257 mi 1712929989Friday, April-12-2024 8:53am CDT map
6 km N of Amarillo, Texas 2.2 000699434 mi 1712925500Friday, April-12-2024 7:38am CDT map
0 km NW of Risco, Missouri 2.8 000393244 mi 1712910975Friday, April-12-2024 3:36am CDT map
9 km NW of Prague, Oklahoma 1.1 000246153 mi 1712898035Friday, April-12-2024 12:00am CDT map
15 km W of Union City, Oklahoma 1.2 000369229 mi 1712889293Thursday, April-11-2024 9:34pm CDT map
7 km S of Texanna, Oklahoma 1.6 000164102 mi 1712858156Thursday, April-11-2024 12:55pm CDT map
12 km SW of Konawa, Oklahoma 2.0 000290180 mi 1712848875Thursday, April-11-2024 10:21am CDT map
9 km NW of Prague, Oklahoma 1.4 000246153 mi 1712842453Thursday, April-11-2024 8:34am CDT map
7 km NE of Hermleigh, Texas 2.3 000722448 mi 1712825725Thursday, April-11-2024 3:55am CDT map
1 km S of Mill Creek, Oklahoma 1.3 000324201 mi 1712780802Wednesday, April-10-2024 3:26pm CDT map
3 km SE of Meno, Oklahoma 1.6 000354220 mi 1712777087Wednesday, April-10-2024 2:24pm CDT map
8 km SSE of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.6 000428266 mi 1712711058Tuesday, April-09-2024 8:04pm CDT map

26 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.