Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.0 or greater within 500 mi
Update time = Friday, December-14-2018 2:25am CST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
17 mi ESE of Stapleton, Nebraska 3.2 000761473 mi 1544698068Thursday, December-13-2018 4:47am CST map
7 mi ESE of Caldwell, Kansas 1.7 000302187 mi 1544663764Wednesday, December-12-2018 7:16pm CST map
7 mi ESE of Caldwell, Kansas 1.6 000302187 mi 1544662273Wednesday, December-12-2018 6:51pm CST map
8 mi WNW of Newbern, Tennessee 1.4 000432268 mi 1544527138Tuesday, December-11-2018 5:18am CST map
1 mi WNW of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.2 000421262 mi 1544498386Monday, December-10-2018 9:19pm CST map
9 mi NE of Cherokee, Oklahoma 2.6 000363226 mi 1544456564Monday, December-10-2018 9:42am CST map
7 mi SW of Mankato, Kansas 2.7 000516321 mi 1544424954Monday, December-10-2018 12:55am CST map
12 mi W of Perry, Oklahoma 2.5 000297184 mi 1544370677Sunday, December-09-2018 9:51am CST map
4 mi NE of Pinckneyville, Illinois 2.5 000475295 mi 1544331613Saturday, December-08-2018 11:00pm CST map
21 mi NW of Fairview, Oklahoma 2.8 000412256 mi 1544314450Saturday, December-08-2018 6:14pm CST map
12 mi SE of Bray, Oklahoma 2.5 000378235 mi 1544311291Saturday, December-08-2018 5:21pm CST map
11 mi WSW of Perry, Oklahoma 2.4 000295183 mi 1544288015Saturday, December-08-2018 10:53am CST map
2 mi WSW of Anthony, Kansas 1.7 000355221 mi 1544266983Saturday, December-08-2018 5:03am CST map
5 mi NW of Dyersburg, Tennessee 1.6 000428266 mi 1544211089Friday, December-07-2018 1:31pm CST map
13 mi SW of Mankato, Kansas 2.9 000517321 mi 1544190686Friday, December-07-2018 7:51am CST map

15 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.