Earthquake Data Welcome to Northwest Arkansas - Earthquakes

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.0 or greater within 500 mi
Update time = Tuesday, March-28-2023 10:54am CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
Oklahoma 2.3 000354220 mi 1679926790Monday, March-27-2023 9:19am CDT map
10 km SSE of Calumet, Oklahoma 1.2 000362225 mi 1679887050Sunday, March-26-2023 10:17pm CDT map
Oklahoma 1.5 000344214 mi 1679813148Sunday, March-26-2023 1:45am CDT map
0 km WNW of Bridge Creek, Oklahoma 1.8 000343213 mi 1679812591Sunday, March-26-2023 1:36am CDT map
4 km S of Langston, Oklahoma 1.4 000279174 mi 1679765613Saturday, March-25-2023 12:33pm CDT map
4 km ENE of Meridian, Oklahoma 1.7 000275171 mi 1679762350Saturday, March-25-2023 11:39am CDT map
3 km SSW of Blanchard, Oklahoma 1.4 000342213 mi 1679709924Friday, March-24-2023 9:05pm CDT map
4 km ENE of Goltry, Oklahoma 2.0 000350217 mi 1679703204Friday, March-24-2023 7:13pm CDT map
1 km NW of Blytheville, Arkansas 1.9 000387240 mi 1679694456Friday, March-24-2023 4:47pm CDT map
1 km E of Burbank, Oklahoma 1.8 000227141 mi 1679672343Friday, March-24-2023 10:39am CDT map
13 km NW of Pawnee, Oklahoma 2.2 000243151 mi 1679665431Friday, March-24-2023 8:43am CDT map
11 km WSW of El Reno, Oklahoma 1.2 000362225 mi 1679658935Friday, March-24-2023 6:55am CDT map
10 km W of Lamont, Oklahoma 1.2 000312194 mi 1679646885Friday, March-24-2023 3:34am CDT map
Oklahoma 1.7 000343213 mi 1679619784Thursday, March-23-2023 8:03pm CDT map
7 km NW of Tiptonville, Tennessee 1.4 000418260 mi 1679608998Thursday, March-23-2023 5:03pm CDT map
11 km W of Davis, Oklahoma 1.3 000344214 mi 1679590506Thursday, March-23-2023 11:55am CDT map
2 km SSW of Hulbert, Oklahoma 1.4 00009961 mi 1679583210Thursday, March-23-2023 9:53am CDT map
10 km N of Dacoma, Oklahoma 2.2 000390242 mi 1679575020Thursday, March-23-2023 7:37am CDT map
11 km N of Dacoma, Oklahoma 1.8 000390242 mi 1679574244Thursday, March-23-2023 7:24am CDT map
12 km NNE of Stonewall, Oklahoma 1.1 000273170 mi 1679556772Thursday, March-23-2023 2:32am CDT map
10 km NW of Pawnee, Oklahoma 1.5 000240149 mi 1679535919Wednesday, March-22-2023 8:45pm CDT map
4 km WSW of Mill Creek, Oklahoma 1.6 000326203 mi 1679517574Wednesday, March-22-2023 3:39pm CDT map
6 km S of Owasso, Oklahoma 1.3 00014993 mi 1679515551Wednesday, March-22-2023 3:05pm CDT map
6 km SE of Wapanucka, Oklahoma 1.5 000300186 mi 1679513841Wednesday, March-22-2023 2:37pm CDT map
8 km E of Nescatunga, Oklahoma 1.6 000347216 mi 1679506027Wednesday, March-22-2023 12:27pm CDT map
3 km SSE of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.3 000425264 mi 1679482361Wednesday, March-22-2023 5:52am CDT map
Oklahoma 1.4 000369229 mi 1679481428Wednesday, March-22-2023 5:37am CDT map
8 km W of Davis, Oklahoma 1.3 000343213 mi 1679433462Tuesday, March-21-2023 4:17pm CDT map
0 km WSW of Ridgely, Tennessee 1.6 000422263 mi 1679416769Tuesday, March-21-2023 11:39am CDT map

29 earthquakes found. Click on location or map links for more details from the USGS

Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.